Setting A Goal That You Can Achieve! How Do You Do It?

It’s that time again! Time to set some goals.

How many times have you done this? How many times have you failed?

Here are 5 steps you need to setting a goal so that you will achieve it!

Step 1 – Set Goals That Motivate You!

What’s the point of setting a goal if you don’t want to achieve it, right? So you need to start with what MOTIVATES you!

What does that mean?

Your goal needs to be important to you. Does your goal revolve around a high priority in your life?

You goal also has to be valuable to you. What do you get if you achieve your goal?

Tip: Write down WHY the goal is important and valuable to you. This will make sure your goal is motivating!

Step 2 – Set SMART Goals

Once you understand what motivates you, you have enough information to write your goal. I’m sure you’ve heard of “SMART goals”. Well, it’s a mnemonic to help you write your goal, SO USE IT!

Your goal should be:

  • S – Specific or Significant
    “I want to lose weight” is a HORRIBLE GOAL! Narrow it down. Be specific – right down to the digit. Exactly how many pounds do you want to lose? How much body fat do you want to lose? How much do you want to weigh? What size clothes do you want to wear? You got it?
  • M – Measurable or Meaningful
    You have to be able to measure your progress objectively! Pictures along with a bodyfat scale can help with this. Make sure you take measurements now!
  • A – Attainable or Action-Oriented
    Make sure it’s possible to achieve your goal! But also make sure your goal is a little scary and exciting at the same time. Just imagine how magnificent it will be to achieve this goal!
  • R – Relevant or Rewarding
    Remember step #1, writing down your WHY or the thing that motivates you? Your goal should be relevant to that WHY.
  • T – Time-bound or Trackable
    Your goal must have a deadline. Your deadline should motivate you and should be realistic. In terms of weight loss, a goal of one to two pounds per week is realistic. In terms of body fat, that translates to about a half a percent per week.

The first couple of steps are brain activities. Now let’s get to some action.

Step 3 – Write Down Your Goals

Follow these 5 steps when setting a goal and you'll achieve it!

Follow these 5 steps when setting a goal and you’ll achieve it!

The physical act of writing down a goal is beneficial and it makes the goal real and tangible. But there is a trick to writing out that SMART goal.  When you write out your goal it needs to be:

  • Personal: Your subconscious only responds to commands given to it in a personal manner. So tell yourself what to do.
  • Present Tense: It may feel strange to write a goal in the present tense, but if you write it in the future tense your subconscious mind will make sure it always stays in the future. Always write, think and visualize your goal as if you have already achieved it.
  • Positive: Write what you want, not what you want to avoid. Keep positive and stay away from negative statements.

It will also help to post your goals in a visible place to remind yourself every day of what it is you will do.

Women: I am fitting into my Gap stretch jeans, size 6, by early November and looking so good in them when I wear them to work that I leave all the guys’ jaws on the floor.
Men: I am reaching my goal of 14% body fat and 185 pounds by December 31st. I know this is a little fast but it is my dream for the next year – I can do it!

Step 4 – Make An Action Plan And Get To Work

You definitely don’t want to miss this step. You won’t achieve your motivating and achievable goal if you don’t put a plan in place to achieve it!

Get a plan in place and write down what you need to achieve your goal. If you need to purchase something to help you achieve your goal, put it on the plan and then follow through. Make progressive steps.

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” ― Mohandas Gandhi

When is the best time to get started on your goal? RIGHT NOW! So get to work!

Step 5 – Stick To Your Goal And Achieve It

You have your goal. You have your plan. But how do you stick to it?

You NEED support! A support system will help you achieve your goal.

There is no better way to stick to your goal then to have an encouraging support team behind you! Join a team that has similar goals and achieve your goals together!

You now have the 5 steps you need to setting a goal so that you will achieve it!

So, What Are Your Goals?

I’d love to know what they are! Tell me all about them in the comments below.

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