Did you get some bad news from the doc recently? Do you need to lose 10 pounds?

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It’s that time again! Time to set some goals.

How many times have you done this? How many times have you failed?

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There are thousands upon thousands of fast food restaurants around the country.

And those fast food joints are teaming with fast food options that are filled with saturated fats and refined carbs.

Even the term “healthy fast food” seems to be an oxymoron. Is it possible to have healthy fast food?

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The Basics of Dieting

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Atkins, Zone, Slim-Fast, Nutrisystem. What do all of these diets have in common? Restricting calories!

The simple fact is that for a short period of time, EVERY diet will work if there is some form of calorie restriction. If we follow a diet plan that consists of restricting calories, we WILL lose weight.

Well, what’s the problem?

The problem is Click here to keep reading!

The #1 exercise excuse on almost every list is, “I don’t have time.

No time for a 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute or a 120 minute workout. Heck, who does have time for all that?!

Probably not you! But, really, how long should you exercise in a day?

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I know, I know, you MUST have chocolate! Hey, I LOVE IT TOO!

Chocolate IS delicious. It relieves our stressful times. It makes us feel better. It has even more benefits that are rooted in antioxidant polyphenols which can improve blood pressure, and also help lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

What isn’t there to like?

Is there a way to have our cake (chocolate cake, of course!) AND eat it too?! Can you indulge your chocolate cravings AND lose weight?

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You unleash your inner Hulk with the right mass building Hulk workout program!

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