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Tezra L. was on a path of self destruction – eating junk food, going to happy hour, eating more, drinking more, watching TV, and repeating the cycle. She tried Weight Watchers and Herbalife, but the results didn’t really stick. Then she got a hold of P90X and put in the work to get real results. She followed that up with ChaLEAN Extreme and Les Mills Pump, and supplemented with Shakeology. Now, she’s a full blown Beachbody addict, has lost 50 lbs, and dropped 5 sizes and best of all, she looks in the mirror and loves the face staring back at her. Carlos S. BEASTED up with BODY BEAST. I love Body Beast because it feels like Official Sagi Kalev is right there with you. He gives When my child asked, Mommy, what’s wrong with your belly? I knew I had to confront my problem, get into shape and get my health back. I needed a program that was going to get me fast results—and didn’t require me to buy weights, because money was tight—so I picked TurboFire. It wasn’t easy. But I kept going. Once my family saw my 30-day picture, they couldn’t believe I was doing it and losing weight. But I was! The pictures and keeping track of my weight kept me going. I have now lost a total of 58 lbs. and 45 inches over all. Mostly, I’ve done it by myself. But my Challenge Group has been a big help. The advice I have gotten with what to eat (portions and how often) had such a huge impact on my weight loss!

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Here are common Questions and Answers about joining a Beachbody Challenge Group:

What exactly is a Beachbody Challenge Group? Well, it’s a small group of people just like YOU that will be getting the support and motivation to stay on track to achieve goals!  It’s a small team of people using a private Facebook group to stay accountable to each other, as well as, having ME as the coach during the entire time.

What makes a Beachbody Challenge Group so effective? I’ve always been a big believer in challenges because it highly motivates participants to commit even more to achieve their goals. When you have a small group, communication is much easier, and you’re able to hold each other accountable and push each other even more than being part of a large group.  Plus, there is always some serious competition going on, forcing you to push even harder to achieve better results.  When you have healthy competition, genuine encouragement, team accountability, and full support from a small group, it literally is a recipe for success!  From the challenges I’ve held in the past, it’s unbelievable the type of results that some people got, and they even mentioned to me that there was no way they could have gotten those results without being part of an exclusive group.  If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you’re not going to find a better way than with these challenge groups!

How do I join a Challenge Group? Simple! Here is what you need prior to joining a Challenge Group:

  1. I need to be your Beachbody Coach
    The first thing that you have to do is make me your coach if I’m not already. As you already know (or may not know I guess), it’s free to make me your coach (click here to make me your free coach). By making me your coach, you will have constant access to me for questions and support and I will be checking in daily with the challenge group.  (If you already have a Team Beachbody Coach, email me for a solution.)
  2. You must commit to a Beachbody Fitness Program
    Next, you have to be using a Beachbody program.  These programs WORK!  Millions of people around the globe have used and are using these programs to get results, just like our team members above!
  3. You must commit to drinking Shakeology everyday
    Lastly, Shakeology is a requirement because it’s a product that I’ve been using for over 2 years now, am 100% confident that works, and have recommended to literally everyone I know, including my friends and family.  If you want to get the best results possible, you have to be using Shakeology as a meal replacement every day and combine it with a healthy diet and a workout program. I know for a fact that you will get results by doing all of these together because I have coached hundreds of people over the course of 2 years, and the ones who have done this have gotten the best results!

If you meet these requirements and you are ready to join a group, email me to get started!

What will I need to do once I’m in a Challenge Group? The first thing that you will need to do is share your goals with everyone else in the group, including me. Once in the group, you will need to post daily that you’ve completed your workout, followed the diet, and ask any questions or provide support to the other group members. While going through your journey, you’re going to want to make sure you take progress photos every 15 days and post them in the group as well. This way you can show each other that you’re getting results and staying committed! If you want, you can hold certain challenge within your group as well, such as who loses the most weight during the 90 days.

Are there any prizes for being in a Challenge Group? YES! Beachbody will be giving away daily, monthly, quarterly, and even a grand prize of $100,000 for those with the best results. (learn more about these prizes on the Beachbody Challenge site). Plus, the one that excites me the most, is if I can get a certain number of people to join these challenge groups, which I think I will get FOR SURE, then I will be holding a personal conference call with my challenge groups, the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler, and (drumroll please), the trainer of my choice, which OBVIOUSLY would be Tony Horton!

I’m confident that you’re not going to find a better way to get results than you would by being part of a Beachbody Challenge Group! Unlimited support, constant encouragement, friendly competition, and some added prizes will motivate you to commit yourself for the entire challenge and get into the best shape of your life. I can’t wait to help you guys reach your goals and again, I can’t tell you how PUMPED I am to get these groups rolling! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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